Preventing Infection in Your Joint at the Dentist’s Office

During a dental procedure, it is possible for bacteria from the mouth, teeth or gums to travel through the bloodstream and settle in an artificial joint. The use of an antibiotic pill prior to dental work has been thought to lower this risk. Orthopedic surgeons have historically recommended the routine use of antibiotics prior to dental work due to the catastrophic effects of a prosthetic joint infection and the relative safety of a single dose of oral antibiotics.

Antibiotics to Use

If your surgeon or dentist recommends antibiotics, the following antibiotics are usually used:

  • If you are NOT allergic to Penicillin, 2 grams of Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, or Cephradine taken one hour prior to the procedure.
  • If you ARE allergic to Penicillin, 600mg of Clindamycin taken orally or administered by injection one hour prior to the procedure.

Developing an infection in and around a total hip or knee replacement is one of the most catastrophic complications that can occur. If you suspect you might have an infection, it is important to seek treatment early.

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